June 30, 2022

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Sex Swing Positions You Should Try With Shemales

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Have you ever tried a sex swing? Well if you haven’t you certainly should and we have a list of sex swing positions to make your experience go with, well, a swing! Whether you are looking forward to a sex swing with a trans escort, a gay escort or someone you have met on a gay forum.

Find a Sex Swing

Perhaps you don’t have a sex swing at home, not that many people do. They are quite bulky and can be quite pricey and if you really want to give it a workout it needs to be fixed to the wall making it a permanent feature which is not practical for most people’s homes. So, if you don’t have you own sex swing, where can you use one? Some gay or trans escort have a great set up in their homes which can include a sex swing so when you are looking for an escort remember to mention that you want to try a sex swing and you can see if any of them have one ready to use. If they do have one at home they will also know the most amazing positions to put you in to make sure you get the most out of your sex swing experience. You could also rent a BDSM Dungeon with a escort, they will almost certainly have a sex swing included and many other amazing toys!

Sex Swing Positions

Here are some of the best ways to use a sex swing in different and unusual ways:

Air & Oral – Sometimes oral sex can be a bit awkward on the neck, especially is there is a height differential between partners. Having one of the partners suspended on the sex swing not only puts them in a great open position for oral they can also be swung backwards and forwards in a rhythm that send them to heaven!

Hanging Doggy Style – No longer needing to be on all fours or flat on your stomach for this position, the receiver can be twisted and rotated at any angle to make doggy style the most interesting position you had forgotten about!

Swinging 69 – Because the sex swing takes the weight of one or both persons getting deep into mutual orals sex is a revelation when using a sex swing. No longer does one or both parties feel a little compressed, the swing is less of a swing and more of a weightlifter for this classic pose.

Find the rhythm – The best thing about a sex swing, is that it is, well, a swing! And so, setting one partner off to swing backwards and forwards while the other stands and waits for them to return to place their penis either in their ass or in their mouth is a pleasure like no other. Watching a partner swing back at you reading to plunge you into pleasure again is a really great way to use the swing!

In addition to these options you will find that the absence of gravity and the swinging motion of a sex swing can make any position a new favourite! https://shemale-kontakte.de/